Divan bed with pull out bed

The difference of the particular Night&Day
the anergic removable

seven fundamental features ;

including the base bed of the fixed bed made entirely of wood and the perimeter (not in fabric)
robust and resistant to wear and tear of the atmospheric agents
dust, etc and use,still in good shape, always clean

the closing panel of the pull-out bed the use of the pull-out bed fits at the bottom at the same
the distance from the floor to about 5cm, leaves free to sit comfortably and without clutter

the raising of the bed of the removable lever-automatic very comfortable holding and the bed is on its own.
the handle covered in eco-leather has the dual function of the lever and the cylinder head
placed the order on the right or the left
the foot-locking on the entire perimeter free to sit anywhere or even saltellarci not
richiuderanno, never alone, stuck on the entire perimeter secured by the lever

transformable in double bed both mattresses long 190cm mate without dimensions
at the same height and length in the comfortable bed

the coating of the mattress seat made of faux leather
durable and first choice,provided for immediate and easy cleaning
free to integrate into rooms of different styles in total white with the structure
the use of two single beds, self-employed

Contextualization in any environment is crucial, along with the strength,comfort,use,
supplied complete with the contextualization graphics adhesive
applicable on the wall of the placement, and in the style of interest to exploded all over the closet doors to deck or on the wall
double room the hotel in which we recommend the version sofa Daybed
the details that make the difference

do you agree? send us photos of the environment or of the room
tell us how many have to use it and your preferences

Vanna M. Designer/resp.sales 800 987705 direct
333 8467105 whatsapp send photos environments/dynamics various

Night&Day Treviso
space optimization, multi-function 360
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