Columns home appliances or pantries for kitchens

the columns starting from a width of 60cm (appliances) are essential
and complete the area of preparation and consumption of your new kitchen area retractable multi-function
with the possible containment of closets (brooms,vacuum cleaner ) laundry etc

very simple, space-saving
WITHOUT The INCLUSION OF the OTHER FURNISHINGS scattered around the house

achievable by the width from 20cm up to the size of the interest

which can be combined by the use of a simple larder with a series of shelves, with storage
or appliances (including your property)
available with walk-in pantry, and a space for domestic appliances etc
fridge freezer and storage space



the columns that may be fitted to the Right side or Left side of the kitchen cabinet of interest
starting from the compact 94
keeping the whole of the kitchen area arranged on a single wall
the columns are all can also be of different depth and height
crafted of the excavation of any counters,boilers etc
on the wall of the new kitchen
completable with the various columns like the ones of the accessories and elements of your utility
also self-supporting


to complete the work of art furnishings in the area, multifunction
containing the kitchen cabinet
we recommend the inclusion of the console Bar,
can be placed possibly in front of the kitchen cabinet at a distance of about 100cm
can be used not only as a table but also as a point of support in the preparation of meals
optimizing the space with bar stools that can be placed under the same

consolle bar la.94

the console bar, designed to a thickness of 36mm
plywood since the length of 94cm

we develop & design for you

in the next few days to give you a clear idea
we can add a graphic composition of an optimized environment
full of area kitchen/column, console bar ,
stools and lighting ,these last two elements
you can even purchase at great distribution

what is your need?
contact us ,we will check immediately and free of charge, the composition is best suited to your space and budget
possibly attach the photo of the environment

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