the bed folds in to the wall console bed

made to our client Katia that he needed to insert a double sofa-sealable to the wall in replacement of the couch that her cat Lenny used his absence to the needs...


we have customized the rollaway bed can also be used as a sofa, made a gatefold hat that otherwise would be bothered by it behind the nape of the neck;

we designed and inserted the padded back panel and full lining on the seat in leather in white with removable cover provided with the mattress and made the beautiful hips shaped thick 36mm;


we have reduced the height of the console to the presence of the switch and to bring the back to the backrest,starting with the enthusiasm of the production and the setting up of decorations in homage with the leds and the stickers of the householder Lenny ...


shipped the sofa foldable wall
Katia sent us the photo and wrote his valuable comment

“I have contacted the company, found on the internet, to order the console as a single, without expectations if not buying the product seen on the web.
Instead of explaining Vanna on Saturday that its functionality in my house would be that of a couch was born a collaboration that has led to a project on measurement and the result that you can see in the picture.
I was impressed by the enthusiasm of Vanna and then later also by the availability of the technician who he assisted over the phone in the assembly phase, as well as the company in helping me to resolve some of the details escaped in the course of design. All with a good quality / price ratio, despite the customization of the measures and not only......a little at a time is born a real sofa, decisive was the hat concealed so that it was impossible to sit without banging his head, as well as the reduction of the height of the mattress that has allowed the insertion of a padding for the back without compromising the closure of the console. It opens and closes quickly, and we throw it on to two cushions.
My requirement was dictated not to leave the sofa unattended and my cat in the apartment....is now it is so!.....he uses it only in my presence!

thanks Katia for the confidence placed in us

the wall bed Night&Day has a variety of resources,uses, in addition to the optimization of the space,a step forward

beyond expectations
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