beds folding on the wall


interior design  Vanna Migliaccio by Night&Day


the optimization of multifunctional areas 
fundamental to living the different environments placed in the same space.

EASY VERY EASY with the inclusion of the beds, folding wall

achievable in the same color as the rear wall of the fixing;
mimetizzandoli, economic and smart decorated with simple wall stickers
to be inserted on the panel of the closed bed and on the side wall/top
fastening of the bed, the CONTINUITY between the bed and the wall
paintable with two other stripes, polka dots, lettering,
with washable water-superlatex in the color you prefer,
preferably a few shades darker than the wall color rear mounting, continuing on the same, insertion of the led strip in the lower part of the bed

Tone-on-tone; the must of the current trend and the future for
the spring clip of the bed that can be converted in the style
contemporary/minimalist, classic/antique, without LIMITS

for the best insights contattattami
glad to partner with you professionally and/or free of charge on the choice of the model and decoration
what is your space to optimize? send me a picture
who and how many people need to use it?

always available
Vanna Migliaccio Interior design/resp.sales 800 987705 08.30 and 14.30 mon/fri 
Night&Day at your service

production convertible beds & kitchen Cabinets

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