furniture, space-saving multifunction COLOR

THE COLOR furniture, space-saving multifunction


These are the first photos that we are receiving from our customers, supported by our board of furniture, aware of the fundamental importance of color in the choice of the rollaway bed to the wall, preferably one that must be tone-on-tone of the back wall fixing...the use of the bed does not change. But the appearance, the integration ,the creation of two different environments that are shared in a single space...

looking forward to receiving these first images showing a first principle of the furnish with balance, reporting the color of the convertible bed to the wall and to the surrounding context, the creation of different spaces within the same environment, with the use saccente color, easy, very easy...

Our attention to color is strengthened even more so when we received the first pictures of the beds that customers had assembled in the house, from which we saw that the transformable wall had not been selected in the appropriate color...

BEFORE our advice


AFTER our advice


what do you think? 

we have not yet received the BEAUTIFUL IMAGE that emozionandoci makes PLANAR from the chairs of our office. The BED AND the WALL OF the SAME COLOR to contrast with the other, and in the shade most suited to the environment and use.

Send us the image of the environment with the view of the space, and let us know who (age group), and how those who must use it.

Happy to accompany you professionally on the choice of model and color

we await your email
Vanna Migliaccio resp.sales 800 987705 08.30 and 14.30 mon/Fri
Night&Day at your service

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4 answers to furniture, space-saving multifunction COLOR

  1. rosanna frau he writes:

    rollaway beds x hotel

  2. syed he writes:

    Bonjour pourrai je avoir le prix svp

  3. daniela ferrucci he writes:

    Hi, I would like more info on your products, such as retailers, prices and any customizations of the beds.

  4. Valerio he writes:

    good idea, we will have to furnish a small scout centre hostel with 6 bedrooms
    what do you recommend?.

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