BED LOCKABLE & wall the same color


bed lockable and a half square

TONE-ON-TONE to camouflage the bed to the wall, creating the different zones multifunction (night, day, studio, etc) ... bed and rear wall fastening in the same color /fantasy , mimetizzandolo, nothing more easy , you can do it all, color them (even diy like I did in the room of two of my dear friends)

NECESSARILY the choice of the color on the convertible wall bed, you must be tone-on-tone wall rear fastening , contrasting with the other walls, preferably one that leave white, or if colored tinteggiamo a bolder hue or clear (differenziandola). EASY, VERY EASY , so that to verify personally, by showing you directly the result, I have dedicated myself to the staining of bed lockable and the rear wall of the
bedroom the ribbon girl CREATED IN THE ROOM OF MOM AND DAD

the bedroom with the ribbon girl CREATED IN THE ROOM OF MOM AND DAD 
equipped with brush and colours on the water superlatex, gummed paper, and varnish so I colored the wall and the bed and a half square in the same shade, THAT's NICE, right?
finally the photos show, as always we communicate over the telephone and via email, to our customers. The BED & the WALL of the same color, made with the lacquer finish also by our company; the use does not change but the aesthetic!
The photos taken in the bedroom of my dear friend, transformed into a bedroom, and the ribbon girl, 6 years old, happy, now you can play with them and drink tea with his friends.

IN the IMAGES included you can see the sides, shaped, wall, fundamental, deep, and only 13cm.

The compactness and the minimum size of the rollaway bed, the tone-on-tone, the privacy of the sleeping area of the parents and of the child, made with the simple insertion of a mobile container;


the walk to death inserted to 20cm

from the ends’ of the side of the bed.




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  1. nadia he writes:

    Can i find your products very interesting. Very different from the usual furniture bed available on the market.

  2. MONICA GAMBOA he writes:

    hola buenas tardes quisiera saber la cotización de tone sobre tone of cama plegable rosa

  3. federica he writes:

    I would like to know if possible what is a wall bed basic with front panel in white lacquer (glossy)

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