many customers TO A SINGLE RESULT...


the optimization of the spaces on the multi-function Night&Day

beds and a wall-mounted cabinet kitchen furniture multifunctional, space-saving
otimizzazione spaces multipurpose

our clients with whom we work in close collaboration

every day via e-mail and by phone, have in common the same thing;

live the available spaces without limits Night&Day


Mhhhhh A serious thing

with the investment (spending) is indispensable and of low cost compared to the result obtained;

The optimization of the space

with the use of our beds closable & kitchens cabinet

all with the same desire; and to provide for their loved ones, guests, friends, clients;

the environment adequate to your daily needs, How ?...

Nothing more easy and comfortable, just as well as our expertise

communicating the first and only thing

this is the space that I have, the width length height and is this what I need


– I don't have the room of the child

– the kids room is small

– do I have to host my friends/in-laws/relatives

– the room of my hotel is not a triple/quadruple

– the kitchen I want in that space there, that you mimetizzi with these items


remember, the only thing that you need to ask,the most important, And’




Vanna Migliaccio sales manager, Italy

Night&Day live space at your service


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5 answers to many customers TO A SINGLE RESULT...

  1. pink he writes:

    I wanted a plan of the bed and also the cost thanks

  2. piergiorgio bortoli he writes:

    this is the space I;width of 240 cm, length 250 cm, height 274 cm and is this what I need to do I have to let my friends/in-laws/relatives. the model we chose is the double wall color light oak, or beech that the more you avvicinerebbero to the color of your existing furniture.

  3. anna maria mammarella he writes:

    Hello, I have a wall of 3.30 where I would like to place a foldaway bed double, white in color. May I know the price of what you have advertised.
    Do you have contacts in Rome?
    Thanks Anna Maria Mammarella

  4. francesca he writes:

    I would be interested in wardrobe double bed in it, I would like to know the costs and the various options you can contact me at no.3460245411
    waiting, I thank you warmly. Francesca Russo

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