...meets more and more our domestic and foreign customers!

after we put some pictures of the bunk beds closable, provided by the hotel Francesin Livigno in the year 2011, which consistently satisfied the has taken personally,making us part of the obtained result


guarda le foto inviate dal cliente (collezione attuale)

Customers who satisfied us with their comment on the purchase made from the comfort of home without moving a single step, perhaps in front of a good cup of coffee,drunk on their couch, in the afternoon free of their weekend,

On the web, www.vivilospazio.it with images ,descriptions and advices on the integration of our beds, space-saving, concealed on the wall of our kitchen cabinet (from the smallest of just 60cm to proceed as per your requirements)

NOTHING MORE SIMPLE, with the cost that at the time you receive (almost in real time) via e-mail, but we're gearing up, in the next release the new version of the site that will allow you to also have the idea of spending in real time, this is certainly low in comparison to the space you are using by inserting a bedroom or a kitchen area to the disappearance, through the use of convertible bed and kitchen cabinets produced by our company, simple design, easy to

MOUNTABLE & DEMOUNTABLE (not paper), according to your need, always in full movement & change that may be placed in any interior environment through the right color, which makes single product, the custom object is ENTIRELY PLYWOOD, which is indispensable for the resistance of the fasteners, over time)

according to your needs,the advantage to insert any model in the perfect shade , we'd be hours and hours talking about this argument, holding at your disposal, please let us know your need,grateful to inform you with the utmost professionalism and ITALIAN style, always characterized.

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