Tips of furniture: white, colorful, contrast, important the tone-ON-TONE without limits Night&Day

In addition to the choice of the right model it is NECESSARY to GIVE ATTENTION TO the COLOR... sometimes underestimated, is fundamental for the optimal integration of the furniture in your home furniture (bedroom accommodation)...

Without limits, WITHOUT LIMITS OF COLORS, TREATMENTS OR COATINGS are very often not match the color of the furniture

following some examples... contact us!!



arredamento total whiteTOTAL WHITE

TOTAL White ( white on white), which is necessary for the placement of the transformable murphy bed & kitchen cabinet...

on the white wall without putting them in evidence, MIMETIZZANDOLI on the same.

“white wall = mobile white”

Recommended especially for the transformable wall bed to be installed in the bedrooms.

Not always match the color of the existing furniture!




your wall is colored? well, consider the choice of a convertible sofa bed colored in the same shade

the result will be winning, to the maximum of the camouflage coloured wall= changeable colored (lacquered in any solid to us)

without limits, you have venetian plaster or spatula effect or, still shaded and nothing more simple, just let us know the shades prevalent


wallpaper; fun to the cost basis of the version of non treated wood for application self-service of your coating or blow-up... contact us




here is an example of the contrast created with the template side table bed Night&Day coloured purple on white wall

BUT we can consider a contrast that is very interesting, suitable for the rooms in the hotel , the children, or living

Tone-ON-tone wall and a convertible sofa bed of the same color ( example, pearl gray for the wall and the cabinet) with the other three walls (which leave white or colored), thus realizing the area night or day well distinguished from the other areas... focal point you can create it with color , wallpaper , blow-up... contact us

Night&Day at your Service

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