The pull-out bed Double Bed with custom LEDS


In these pictures we present to you the Double Bed-Night&Day, a single bed convertible into a double bedcustomized with the LED strip that we supply free with our products.

The pull-out bed produced by our company, the product, with the bed base is made entirely of plywood for which we suggest to evaluate the size larger than the standard single.

Carried by a square and a half or double, plus the insertion of the pull-out bed single bed; we come to the comfort of three or four people.
WE can design A SOFA FACSIMILE of MASONRY (mediterranean style) chaise lounge with pull-out extra to watch the film with friends or that evokes tranquility of your own privacy.

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Launch new Website November 2016 nuovo sito

We are pleased to announce the birth of our new website, http://www.vivilospazio.comfor the moment only in Italian language, but we are confident that we will soon expand to the languages of greatest interest.

Through our new website, in addition to the usual video and still images, the customer has an interface that is responsive and can see even better our catalogue of beds and kitchens.

Another innovation of the new site is the page “Environments multi-function”, where the designers have formulated the complete environments, of various lengths, highlighting even more of the difference between the traditional furniture fixed and convertible Night & Day.

You have to do is to invite you to a pleasant browsing in our new website, and apologize if it is still not operating at 100% in its sections, but it will be soon!

A cordial greeting

Team Night & Day

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wall bed horizontal single, one and a half square, double

letto a parete singolo orizzontale aperto; i piedi a sospensione lasciano libero il passaggio

wall bed single horizontal open; feet on the suspension leave free the passage

Space optimization is very important in the environments ribbon,
how did our client Lisa, of the Island of Ischia, which has been obtained by the room and studio of the son in the space of just 250cm in length and 180cm in width. We have sent the console bed single ,custom mattress, wide 90cm , equipped with leds, and the contextualization adhesive that Lisa preferred to insert on the inner wall of the bed.
Beautiful environment, transformed into a work of art in the studio and the bedroom.
DETAILS of the bed:
The SIDES fixed to the wall ,deep only 13 cm ,and free the view and the air,not a structure, but a beautiful bed;
The FEET of the bed inserted into the disappearance, not in view,not protruding from the perimeter, leave the mobimenti of the feet without the risk of being tripped over;
The BASE of THE bed complpeta of gitoletto in wood,allows the closing with sheets and the duvet,without the use of bothersome straps not included.
The production in wood mulstistrato (WALNUT VENEER - real wood, not laminate) integrates well with the rustic;
The LEDS inserted on the blue tones (which are interchangeable in 12 shades ,with remote control) well inserted in the environment with blue walls;
CIRCLES stickers blue included in the tribute that Lisa has attached on the inner wall of the bed, complete the entry in context.

Happy to advise on the optimization of the multipurpose space of the boys ' room,study,living
kitchen ,double room, hotels etc
at your complete disposal,please contact us when you want to
Night&Day at your service
Vanna Migliaccio Designer/resp sales
3338467105 Whatsapp to send photos and dynamic

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